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* Please spread the word to the whole market… *

I would like to bring to your attention few important things today about a

company - **Virtuosa Global Solutions LLC* and the company owner Suri Reddy.

Its a big time fraud company duping their vendor and consultants with out paying off.Consultants, please beware of joining this company. Vendors & clients - Pls do not work with this company.

I am one of the victim and Suri reddy is such a big time cheat with NO guilt taking the company ahead.

Fraud -- Virtuosa Global Solutions LLC --- Fraud

*This company doesn't pay you any money*

* Never work with Virtuosa Global........*

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Hi I agree that he is such big fraud and am victim too...

What is the use of building company on top of others money, never he will be happy in his life...he will repent for this one day very badly.

He is not the human who has minimum humanity for sure..

A very big cheater and Non-Business ***.


I am one of the victim.He cheated me by not paying my 3 months salary.

He is Mother F***r A**Hol*. Do not trust him. He is big time lier and cheater.

Suri Reddy Parody Owner of Virtuosa Global Solution... Cheater, Fraud.

Kutte ki Maut mar ja....Teri Wife n Son bhikhari ban jaye.


ee bazaru naa koduku inka consultancy naduputunnada?? please beware he will not pay your money. He is psycho...

to Anonymous Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico #1285396


Teaneck, New Jersey, United States #1008030

He is money grinder........ If he hold your money.. it will go carefyl

Texas, United States #1006500

Virtuosa is blacklisted by USCIS.He was submitting forged client documents for consultants.

Suri tried to change the company name.

It is all part of the game.


worst fellow on earth


Is is better to beg on streets than joining this company.....

Teaneck, New Jersey, United States #996454

ee salegadu enka janani mosam chestanada ?

to Anonymous Mexico, Capital District, Venezuela #1289778

Who is this

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